Get Paid To Share Kids Bowl Free With Your Community!

Kids Bowl Free is a program we started 15+ years ago. Since then we've had more than 40 million kids participate in our program.

Over the past few years we've offered a select number of influencers like you, who have an audience, the opportunity to earn a small commission by helping us to grow our community.

Before I share more and before you fill out the form below I'd like to share some details about the program and who it is meant for.

Our influencer program would be a fit for you if you are using social media daily, and you are using the tool as a business.

This program is designed for people who have already established an audience.

If you're looking just to invite a few family members and friends, we have a referral program that is separate from this influencer program.

You can learn more about that at

You can refer friends and family members by logging into your Kids Bowl Free account and sharing your referral link.

We have some fun prize giveaways available for you too. You are eligible to win by referring just a single family.

Who Is Our Influencer Program For?

Our influencer program is designed for individuals or companies that have large reach and the ability to share messages about Kids Bowl Free on their social media channels and via email.

Here's The Way It Works

If you want to become a Kids Bowl Free influencer and you have the ability to promote Kids Bowl Free through your email list, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or any of the other social media platforms all you need to do is fill out the form below to become one of our influencers.

We'll then send you a custom URL to use anytime you promote Kids Bowl Free.

You'll include your custom Kids Bowl Free link on all of your posts, emails, or any other ways you distribute content to your audience.

Anytime a family signs up using your link, they'll then be in our system and connected to your link.

Anytime a family that has registered using your link purchases a family pass, you'll be rewarded with a $5 commission.

Every time a family signs up, they go into our marketing system, even if they don't purchase a family pass right away, they'll start to receive our marketing messages encouraging them to upgrade to a family pass.

If that family purchases a family pass at anytime through the end of the program this summer we will reward you with the $5 commission.

Our influencer program is a great way to earn some extra income promoting Kids Bowl Free, and you'll have a lot of fun doing it.

The Details:

Step 1: Sign up as a Kids Bowl Free Influencer, with the form below.

Step 2: Create some fun content with your family bowling, and post to your favorite social media channels.

Step 3: Use your custom Kids Bowl Free link to send traffic to

We make two payments per summer to our influencers.

The first one includes sales from when we open on March 1 through the end of May.

The second is from June through the end of our program.

Two important things to note:

First, if you reach more than $600 in sales, you'll need to complete tax paperwork with my accounting team, and then we'll mail your check.

Second, if you do not reach 20 family pass sales before the first deadline of May 31, you'll receive all of your sales at the end of the summer.

If you do not reach 20 sales by the end of the program in September, we then roll your sales over to the following year.

It's important that if you are signing up to be an influencer you believe that you have the ability to drive traffic to our site, and that you'll reach 20 sales by the end of the summer to avoid us having to roll it over.

Not An Influencer, But Want To Learn About Our Referral Program For Families?